Viral Spark of Happiness

Curves of your lips make you beautiful settle back and Smile. Permit happiness to kiss on your lips.
Don’t overwhelm yourself with guilt. Avoid culpability of self for your hard past evidences. Remember that every moment is a new beginning value it for betterment and keep updating you without ruining curves of your lips called smile.
Relax! Possibilities are everywhere don’t run be in the moment. Breathe and forgive unsweetened acts.
At least smile for the people whose eyes are seeking for your happiness to make them happy too.
Happiness is a heavy virus. Go! Spread
Your vibrations are contagious. Infect the global surrounding.
Your personal issues are entirely yours it begins from you and ends within you. Don’t reveal it.
Be the self observer of joy.
Don’t be a loner or peace seeker it’s a terrible disease, my dear come out of it. The best prevention of this disease is to keen interest in the person who can make your life beautiful more beautiful and vice-versa. Give life one chance
One chance can heal your wounds unlock your desires, open the door of love let it enter your life to fill the gaps of being loner.
Be with someone every time, everywhere.
Your soulmate has all rights reserved for you at least smile for the one who loves you.
Loving someone is a huge contribution. Trust me darling.
Someone has donated themselves entirely and eternally to love you.
Respect them.
At least once feel happiness for the sake of one who loves you.
Smile. Make the curves of your lips broader for the one who gave you life and for the one who is going to become your life.
Smile my love.


Adored as Granted!

Some people will fit you permanently in the Store room of their life….

They will open the door only when they need you the most…

When needs accomplish, you will be dumped back to that store… And the cycle of need and dump continues.

It’s a type of commensalism relationship where one is entirely benefited and the other is not expecting help nor harmed…. In some cases the act is parasitism where one gains everything and the other is harmed by disorder called Heavy Heart Ache.

One becomes a comfortable, trusted component in another person’s life and start taking you for Granted.

When you are bit less useful to them, they will slowly and steadily replace you…. It keeps on repeating and bud of habit develops in their lives. I wanna hang one questing here ???

Don’t you have soft corner ?

Do your heart is made of stone?

You are organism form of human. Right?

Where’s your humanity ?

Have you ever tried to donate time?

If not once you try

I bet you my life you will be the happiest person in the world…..

Just for once you take out little time for the one who is ready to mortgage entire life for you, and yes it’s not expensive…. It’s just a pinch from infinity.

Just for the sake of your fulfillments, you are gaining happiness per day and that portion of happiness is reducing from others happiness to whom you are taking for granted

And one day the person who is tag of being taken as granted ruins the life…


Whenever I need help no one is around, everyone is busy… On the other hand I don’t have courage to ask for the help… I miss you the most but I am numb to tell you that I need you… I am afraid to irritate you by my words of missing you…

I want to knock that door but don’t

I want to see you Everytime everywhere but I don’t

I want to hold you tight… But I am frightened to loose you

I want to spend my entire life surrounding you but you don’t want to….

I never told you and never will…

My life whispers to my Happiness…

Where my life has adored my happiness for granted…

Happiness ruins steadily

And one day it will be invisible entirely💯

#Learn to Live

#Be Nidhi Panara

Girl is Transformed

It is said that every coin has two sides.

  • Well said! The coin of her life has two sides no matter how hard you flip the coin of her life both the sides are Wounded.
  • The journey of her life diverted and she walked on untravelled path of love which made a huge expensive difference in her life. Girl with bold personality is no more courageous. The first transformation of her is she fell in love with a person who never loved her back. Its not a big deal to survive in one sided love
  • People generally fall in love with expensive things which is out of budget. Its natural human behaviour
  • The problem is He served her a stage to explore her hidden love and after time it disappeared too.
  • The problem with all human personalities is : we all provide food before hunger…
  • The resultant first transforation is she lost all the faith from word called Love.
  • Her second transformation
  • He continued taking her for granted
  • No matter how hard she cared.. She lost faith from humanity.
  • This bloody Word Love has ruined her bold personality to broken She started hating people in the surrounding her used body is deeply wounded and she lost the faith of healing too.
  • Her pain is perfect she adjusted herself in sorrow and now she is the most comfortable broken beauty living her life…..

Learn To Live

#Be NidhiPanara